welcome to inkling where we do our best to provide a safe environment for our members where they feel comfortable in their chosen role. ooc and ic lines are not to be crossed and evidence of this will result in removal from the community. we would highly encourage you to enable commenting only from registered users to eliminate the potential for unwanted anonymous comments. plagarism is frowned upon and will result in your removal from the community. although this is an adult-centric community, we ask that you be respectful of those who may be viewing the community at work or on mobile devices. images should be less than 400px on it's largest side or should be kept under a cut, similarly NSFW images should be kept under a cut and a warning that a nsfw image is under the cut should be visible elsewhere in the post.
adds are monday, wednesday, friday, and sunday with removals on wednesday and sunday. journals should include a backdated friends only and a backdated screened contact post with the date of your application (although the year may be different for backdating purposes). if you choose to put your examples in your journal, please be sure to add the mod journal so we can see them. please be sure that you have cleaned out your journal of previous communities and friends before applying. usernames should not include any unnecessary underscores, letters or numbers and should be a derivitive of the celebrity's name. as this is an adult-centric community, no celebrities younger than 18 will be admitted. examples should include at least one journal entry and one scene example but more are encouraged. challenges are allowed, but only two will be considered. overrides will be considered when a journal is at two weeks or there has been no public activity from them in one week or if their friends list is more than two weeks out of date. if your application is deleted, that indicates that it was rejected because we did not think it was a good fit for the community, you failed to provide examples or they were not visible to us, or you missed something else in your application. you are welcome to reapply using different samples or by fixing the mistakes made in the first application.
upon acceptance, you will have three days to post in verbose and introduce yourself. members are expected to update their journal every two weeks. if you fail to update on time, you may be up for override or removal. you have 14 days to update your journal, although you are welcome and encouraged to update it more frequently. if, on day 15, you have still not updated and someone applies to override your role, you will be overridden without exception. this is a community, and as such we expect our members to participate and comment on posts on the friends page. if someone applies to override your role, we will be checking for public activity and if none is found within a 7 day period, you will be overridden. we will allow entries to be backdated, but you may not backdate twice in a row. you may use placeholders freely and for this reason we will not be granting extensions on updates. members are expected to reply to comments on their intros and journal entries and in their friends only post. if comments go largely unanswered on an intro post, you will be removed with the next set of removals. if comments go unanswered on journal entries or in your friend's only post, you will be up for override or removal. similarly, if you pick and choose which comments you reply to, you will be considered for override. we also ask that you do not disable comments for posts on the friends page, but you may disable them on backdated posts if you choose. random activity checks may happen every month or two to clean out deadweight and those who post and run.
hiatuses and extensions
because we always allow placeholders, extensions will not be granted. a hiatus is allowed once every three months and must be longer than two weeks but no more than four. a member on hiatus is expected to refrain from public activity. if you are found to be participating publicly, we will revoke your haitus without warning.
member-run activities are encouraged. free for alls, discussions, games and questions may be posted at any time by anyone. please post these in suggestive so that everyone may participate. a secrets journal is available and is posted each friday night. mod run activities will happen each tuesday with fre-for-alls on saturdays, a bi-weekly buddy system is in place and additional activities will go up for holidays and special occassions. a 100-word challenge and a monthly update challenge will be available to help with updates as well.